This is a much debated question. If the discipline of the child is an issue then who is to be held responsible? Sometimes the parents blame the teachers and teachers, in turn, hold the parents responsible in retaliation. The argument goes on with no end.

If we look at it more objectively, it’s everyone, who is linked with the children, has the responsibility to inculcate the right discipline in children. If we look at the share of responsibility then definitely parents share more time and space with children. So, the parents influence on the children is indeed more than anyone else. It is said that the parents are the ones who bring up their child. They can keep a watch on their children constantly and if they find any deviation from the acceptable norm, they should take the corrective action. At the same time, if teachers find anything objectionable, it is their duty to correct the behavior right then.

If we look at the behavior of children, it is the sum total of what they observe and they experience around them. Since the children’s mind is impressionable, the exposure to the right behavior is a must. It is also essential to see to it that they have good company, proper upbringing and right atmosphere at home. Only the constant supervision on the part of all stakeholders can ensure that the seed of the discipline is sown in the children at the young age. This seed grows further and does the constructive service to the children.