If we look at the system of booking train tickets, there is a huge malpractice still prevailing. The agents of train ticket book many train tickets in the anticipation that, even if they are not sold, they will cancel it. Since they make profit on other previous tickets, they don’t mind paying the cancellation charges, which was a modest amount. The result is most of the time when a genuine passenger tries to get the ticket, he finds the waiting list. The option of e-ticketing has made their work easy. Now they don’t have to stand in the queue to get the tickets. To check this black marketing, Railway has decided to increase the cancellation charges. It has doubled the cancellation charges compared to the existing one.

Cancellation charges of all classes have been revised. The second class cancellation charge now stands at Rs 60. The sleeper class cancellation has gone up from current Rs 60 to Rs 120. Maximum is Rs 240 for First AC followed by Rs 200 for Second AC and Rs 180 for Third AC. Another change is the refund policy of the cancellation of RAC and Wait listed Tickets. Earlier, these tickets could be cancelled until three hours after the train’s departure with the minimum deduction of clerical charges. Now, these tickets will not fetch any refund if presented before 30 minutes of the scheduled departure.

These measures are expected to fill the coffers of Railways to some extent. The passenger section of Indian Railways is still running into loss. Plus, it is also under the grip of agent’s network that is causing loss to both public and Railways. The revised cancellation policy is expected to act as a deterrent to the unauthorized ticketing agents. If that happens, then the genuine ticket-seeker will get some relief.