The title of Wimbledon is considered as the dream of any tennis player. Whosoever holds the racket for the first time, prays for playing at least once at Wimbledon . Being one of the grand slam, top players of the world compete for this coveted title. The winners of Wimbeldon not only get name and fame but also but also fat prize money. This years Wimbledon was special for India because three Indians won this British title in different categories.


The first glory was achieved by the ace player Sania Mirza. She became the first woman Indian player to win grand slam doubles trophy in partnership with the legendary player Martina Hinges. This was her third grand slam title. Another ace performance came from Leander Pass. He also partnered with the same player Martina Hingis to win the mixed doubles. However, the big surprise was given by a young boy of just seventeen Sumit Nagal who became the sixth Indian to win Grand Slam Junior.

The achievements of the Indian tennis players are commendable because they have come despite all odds. Tennis is not the favorite game in India. There is no support fromnment either. There fore, Indian players have to slog more to come on par with their foreign counterparts. The results of this year’s Wimbledon are testimony to the fact that we may lack the facilities but when it comes to the spirit, we have more that anyone else in this world.