The greatest punishment to anyone in this world is to restrict his movement. That is why when someone commits any crime, he or she is confined to the prison. This is justified because they defy certain rules and cause harm to the certain innocent people. This is all about the human beings. Now let’s consider another great creature of the God- Birds. The Almighty has given them wings so that they can soar in the sky. But can they do so if they are restricted to the walls of a cage? What rule have they broken? Whom have they caused damage to? Just because we want to enjoy the company of these helpless birds, should they continue to be in the prison created by us?
Just like humans, birds too have certain fundamental rights of freedom. Now an Indian high court has put its seal on this right to freedom. It has ruled that it is illegal to confine the birds to a cage for the vested interests. This is a landmark judgment that ensures a little help for these helpless creatures. Our courts have given several verdicts to protect the life of the endangered animals. But this is probably the first time, the rights of the birds have been upheld.
Keep the legal aspects away. If we have to feel the pain of the bird inside a cage, just imagine how we feel when we remain restricted to the bed due to any illness. Don’t we look at others who are freely moving and feel that we are unlucky? In just few days, our patience runs out and we become desperate to leave the bed. The same desperation must be experienced by the birds when they are not allowed to fly. We owe a lot to the birds. Today if we have many aircrafts flying in the sky, the inspiration did come from the birds only. That’s is why the shape of an aero plane resembles a bird with its wings spread. We had pigeons taking our message from one place to another in the past. In return, can’t we help them secure their freedom?