Gone are the days when the people used to carry a list of items to be bought from a nearby Kirana shop for monthly purchase. Shopping has gone hi-tech, so has the place of buying it.

With the arrival of supermarkets, people want to buy in style. The reach the supermarket with, most of the time, just credit or debit card and start searching for the things displayed there. As the things on display, they don’t have to ask for any goods. What all they have to do is to pick and put them in the cart moving with them. If you talk about the ambience, it is much better than what a Kirana shop offers. Air-conditioned surrounding, well lit atmosphere and lot of space to roam around are some of the advantages offered by the supermarkets. Besides this, there is a discount available on most of the products. On top of that, there is a credit facility extended to the buyers. If you have a credit card, you need not pay in cash. With just a swap, the bill can be paid and the money can be repaid to the bank on a later date.

Considering the above advantages, most of the buyers have been diverted from the traditional shops to the modern showrooms. It is a fact that the Small Scale businesses are bearing the brunt for the change in shopping culture. It is high time that they hold on to their regular buyers by providing the best services and the value for money products. This alone can make them survive in the changing conditions.