Mind is the most complex organ in our body. Despite tremendous research so far, there are many secrets lying beneath the surface of the mind. However there are certain strengths known to us and if those powers of mind are used properly, a lot can be achieved.

Our mind consists of two parts-Conscious and Subconscious. Conscious mind is that part of mind where all the incoming thoughts get stored. Most of the activities we do in our daily life are controlled by the conscious mind. But the problem with this mind is that it is very restless and keeps entertaining the new thoughts constantly. Therefore no thought can really find permanent place as it is replaced by the different thoughts the very next moment. Though this part does help us in our day to day activities but fails to provide that support in the long run to achieve the ambition in our life. Let’s now consider another part and see how it can be used to our advantage.

The other part of brain is the subconscious brain. It can also be called sleeping giant. It lies beneath the conscious mind and therefore stays in the background. But if you compare the power of this part, it is much more powerful than the subconscious part. Only thing is that we must know how to tap this power. Since it is in the inactive state, it needs to be activated or woken up first. This can be done by constantly putting certain selected thought in the mind. As the same thing is put before the mind again and again, it gradually percolates down and touches the surface of the subconscious. Once that happens then the action becomes automatic. Whatever activity one needs to perform, it will receive the push from the giant and even the big task will appear easy and achievable. Take the example of an athlete who runs thirty- fourty kilometer in a marathon. It appears almost impossible to a common man. But they can do it repeatedly. Of course practice helps them to a great extent, but the subconscious mind does have an important role to play. So wake up this creature and make a bright future.