Steffi Graf originally came from Germany. Later , she migrated to the US and settled there after marrying an American tennis player. But for us, the most important thing is that she is coming to India not as a tourist but as a brand ambassador of Kerala Tourism. The objective is to attract maximum tourists from the world. It is the same legendary Steffi Graf who has won 22 grand slam titles before putting his tennis racket to rest. Isn’t it a matter of pride for all of us that such a great star will endorse the beauty of one of our Indian states?
Let’s see what is there in Kerala that she will be highlighting in her publicity campaign. Kerala is at the southern tip of India. It has a long coastal plain along the Arabian Sea. It is considered as one of the 10 paradises of the world. Kerala has developed its beaches so well that it attracts the maximum tourists. At the same time the ecology of place is also taken care of so that there is no damage to the environment. Another big attraction for the tourists is Kerala’s Ayurveda which is an ancient Indian healthcare. Kerala’s Ayurveda provides strength to the mind and the body. Due to high cost of healthcare in the western countries, many foreign nationals come to India and that promotes medical tourism. In the last three decades, Kerala has made rapid strides in tourism and currently attracts more than nine lakh tourists every year, generating the revenue of more than six thousand crores. In the publicity campaign, Kerala is being projected as the ‘God’s Own Country’ owing to many temples and the natural beauty.
Perhaps, for the first time, any government department has hired a sports great of the repute of Steffi Graf. In the past , we have seen the famous film stars endorsing the state tourism. Tourism is one the biggest revenue earner not only for a particular state but for the whole country. The association of an international star will greatly boost the prospects of attracting the international tourists to our country. Welcome Steffi to India. Weave the same magic here as you used to do on the tennis court.