It is true to a great extent. With the help of social media, it is possible to stay in touch with someone sitting thousands miles away. Earlier, when the friends used to get separated, letters were the only way to stay connected. Letters had their own limitations. They took long time to reach the destination. Equal amount of time was required to receive the reply. Now things have totally changed. One can chat instantly and there is no restriction of the distance between the two individuals. WhatsApp has made things so easy.

Facebook has made it possible for us to not only stay connected with one another, but also to peep into the lives of our friends. Even chatting is possible with the friends online. When something is updated on Facebook, it becomes available for all the friends to see, like and comment. So, most of the work done physically can be done over internet. Skype and other similar applications have revolutionized the face to face conversation. Now, it is possible to see each other and talk as if two individuals are sitting facing each other. This saves lot of time and money. For instance, if a friend is located in some other city, then meeting him personally will require travelling to his place. Both time and money are needed for this purpose. Another benefit is that it is possible to meet at any time during the day provided both the individuals agree to do so.

Despite many advantages of the online interaction, physical meetings have their own charm. One can’t shake his or her hand over internet. Same is true for hugging each other. Plus, physical presence can’t be completely replaced by the online presence. Online interaction just has an image where physical touch is missing. However, technology has done a fantastic job to act as a substitute for the physical meeting. It is greatly helpful where physical meeting is inconvenient and costly.