With SMS and text message being used more and more, people don’t care about the grammar. They just want to convey the message with the help of short words and symbols. As they do it again and again, they are forming a habit to use it all the time. Even when the formal communication is required, they continue to use the same style. In official communication, it is not acceptable.

When the text message is sent, the least amount of care is taken because they think that the person at the other end will be intelligent enough to decode the message. But if the sender is unaware of those abbreviations, the message will be hard to understand. Another flip side is that the abbreviations and the short images are different for different places. So, if the communication is happening in a different cultural background, it can create a communication barrier. On the other hand, grammar is same for all the people around the world. If proper grammar is used, anyone sitting at any part of the world can understand it and all will be on the same page.

Undoubtedly, the short messages need the symbols and abbreviations for conveying the messages, but it should not become a habit. One should be conscious about the level of communication and the recipients. If the communication is happening at the official level, only the formal language needs to be used. At the business level, the message has to be very clear and there is no scope for any confusion. Besides this the recipient need not be of the same level as the sender. Therefore, one needs to clearly differentiate between the formal and informal communication.