Dialogues Based on Phrases / Smart English

Ram –Hello Shyam, how are you? You are seen once in a blue moon.

Shyam-I went to Delhi for few days and have come today only. Our company’s expansion is in the pipeline.

Ram-Did you have any meeting there?

Shyam-Yes, we did. It was our director who set the ball in motion during the meeting.

Ram-Any heated exchange during the meet?

Shyam-Yes, our director flared up after looking at company’s performance. He has now cracked the whip. He has issued warnings in black and white to few officials.

Ram-Tell me something about Mohan.

Shyam- As usual.He always beats his trumpet.

Ram-I have heard that he is minting money.

Shyam-Yes, his business is running well. What about you Ram?

Ram- I have recently been promoted. So I am very happy.

Shyam-So one more feather in your cap.

Ram-What happened to your sister? She was doing MBA course.

Shyam-She has passed MBA with flying colours.

Ram-Is she working now?

Shyam-Yes she is. Her office is stone’s throw away from our house.

Ram-It’s a win-win situation for her and her employer.

Shyam-Ok Ram .It was nice meeting you. See you again.

Ram- Ok.