The theoretical knowledge is found in the books but the practical knowledge can be had only by doing things on the ground. Besides this, the children are the future of any country. So they need to interact with communities at a tender age. This exposure can help them become a responsible citizen later in their life.

This is a welcome step because, by doing so, they can boost their confidence and also help the weaker section of society. The feeling of oneness, kinship and brotherhood can be developed. A sound knowledge of society issues can also help them in politics, if they happen to join politics. This will also mean that we will not have so called social workers who serve themselves better than the society. Moreover, service to society is the responsibility of all. Let it begin as early as possible in students life.

Normally, the content of the syllabus doesn’t help in adjusting within the society when the students leave their schools and colleges. The community service will act like a solid support while interacting with the different components of the society. It can prove to be the best alternative of the social media as offline interaction is always more advantageous than the online experience.Cleanliness drive launched last year is a good example of involving students in a community service. What students study in their books should find reflection in their practical work. So, its a good idea to integrate the students with the society’s welfare programme.