Any uniform has the basic purpose of identification. The school uniform does the same job. Since there are many students studying in the school, there should be something common to differentiate them from others. Hence, the school uniform is a differentiating factor.

In this age of commercialization, even the school uniforms have become the money making machines. Earlier the role of school was just to give the information about the colour and shade of the uniforms. The guardians were free to buy them from anywhere as per their convenience. Then started the practice of giving the address of exclusive stores, where the uniforms were supposed to be bought. The schools had tie-up with the stores for profit sharing. Even that model was not much profitable to the schools. So, a new model has come into existence where the uniform store itself has been opened within the campus and the uniforms must be bought from there only. This has eliminated all the channel partners ensuring the maximum profit to the schools. The same store can be availed for buying other accessories like bag etc. This is a classic example of how any compulsion can be monetized and profit maximized.

In short, a school has many in-built shops selling the various essential commodities within the campus. The reason given to the parents is the convenience offered to them for being the part of the school’s clientele. In return, their revenue and resultant profit is assured. There are many schools cum business centres flourishing in today’s environment.