There are some people in this world who have departed long back but their actions and achievements remain alive, making their name immortal. One such great personality was Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel.
Though he passed away in 1950, but his contribution in free India is worth remembering.
Vallabhai patel played a key role in the freedom struggle of India. He was a true Gandhian. He was the firm believer of non-voilence. His first notable campaign started when he fought for the farmers of Kheda. It was he who fetched justice for the helpless farmers, who had been oppressed due to unjust policies of The British. He futhur fought for the justice of farmers of the Other places like Bardoli and Borsad. During his struggle, he kept supporting Mahatma Gandhi’s efforts. Once India got freedom, his role widened. He was entrusted with the task of uniting the whole India by convincing more than 500 princely states who were not the part of India in 1947. It was an uphill task. Buf he skillfully brought together the fragments of India to give a united shape. Today if India’s expanse is vast from North to South and East to West, full credit goes to this Iron man. During this process, he made sure the minimum bloodshed. In brief, the seal of his efforts is there on Indian Union. No wonder his birth anniversary was celebrated as national unity day.

Today we see so many divisive forces trying to weaken and break our country. But they should remember that the unifying voice of Vallabhai is still echoing in every nook and cornor of the country. It is this voice that will over any negative influences.