In India, we have many festivals belonging to different communities. But there are two festivals that are common to all Indians- the Independence Day and the Republic Day. Today, we are celebrating our 67th republic day. It is the day when we became free of the British Constitution that ruled us for two hundred years. Though we attained independence on 15th Aug 1947, but the real independence came when we started following the constitution made by us. Since then, our country has been ruled by our own constitution and, therefore, it is worth recollecting the significance of this day.

If we look at our constitution, it is one of the most detailed and voluminous constitution in the world. Our constitution makers drew inspiration from many other countries’ constitution like America and made it suitable for our unique needs. When it became clear to our leaders that the days of British rule are numbered, the constituent assembly was set up under the chairmanship of Dr Rajendra Prasad. Eminent people from different walks of life were invited to join the assembly. This made sure that the equal representation is given to all the sections society. The assembly had several meetings in which through discussion took place over all the provisions. Finally, the constituent assembly handed over its report to the drafting committee under Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar as its chairman. The responsibility of drafting committee was to draft all the laws before submitting it to the President of India. In fact, the drafting committee submitted the final draft before 26th Jan 1930 but the country waited for some time for its implementation. This is because, as on 26th Jan 1930, the complete swaraj’s demand had been put up by the Indian National Congress during the freedom struggle.

In the last sixty seven years, our constitution has been amended many times but the basic fabric remains the same. The preamble of the constitution, which talks about the essence of it, has stayed intact. Our constitution has played a significant role in strengthening the strong roots of democracy in our country.