Regular Verb- As we know that verb has three forms-Present(V1),Past(V2)and Past Participle(V3). In case of the regular verbs, we need to add ‘d’ or ‘ed’ to get the second and third form. Also the second and third form remain the same. So it is easy to guess other two forms if the first form is known. For Exampl
Present (V1) Past(V2) Past Participle(V3)
Work Worked Worked
Decide Decided Decided
Guide Guided Guided

Irregular Verb – Irregular verb doesn’t follow the above pattern. Sometimes they are different in different forms. Sometimes they are same in two forms and sometimes they are same in all the forms. So it is not possible to guess correctly. It is advisable to know all three forms to frame correct sentence. Examples are
Present (V1) Past(V2) Past Participle(V3)
Go Went Gone
Find Found Found
Put Put Put