एक भी मच्छर नहीं बचेगा

Sita – Hey Gita, what are you doing?
Gita – Can’t you see? I am killing mosquitoes?
Sita –Don’t you use mosquito coil?
Gita –No, I am not .My hand is playing the perfect role of a coil.
Sita – But by doing so, aren’t you becoming a killer of several innocent mosquitoes?
Gita – Mosquitoes and innocent. You are getting confused with the meaning of innocent .Please check the dictionary.
Sita – I am giving you a lotion .You can apply the same on your body and mosquitoes will always remain several miles away from you .Thus, you can avoid being a killer.
Gita – Are you trying to sell me your lotion?
Sita – No , I am only showing you a way which will keep mosquitoes away without bloodshed .I am giving you a free sample bottle .Use it and let me know the result .