It is said that flowers don’t come alone. They always come with thorns. This is applicable to monsoon also. Monsoon brings relief and happiness to all of us but at the same time it also invites a host of health problems. Since there is health involved, it can’t be taken lightly. So let’s see what are the primary precautions which can help us avoid a visit to doctors?

1. Rainy season witnesses a scene having water and water everywhere. But any water can’t be consumed because there is a possibility of microbes mixed in it. So either you boil or purify water before getting consumed. A precaution in this connection may prevent Jaundice.
2. During rainy season, humidity in air very high. So sweat, which cools our body, doesn’t dry up easily. Therefore, more and more water should be drunk.
3. Getting into muddy water should be avoided at all cost. This is because muddy water contains many harmful bacteria that may enter or stick to the body, causing health problems.
4. Taking bath in any water- body is a strict NO because all of them are filled with water to the brim. Many cases of the people drowning in water are reported during this season.
5. It is always advisable to stay away from the street food as most of them are uncovered and unhygienic. Home-made food has no substitute.
6. Due to accumulation of water at several places, there is a high possibility of mosquitoes breeding and multiplying near houses. So the use of mosquito net, repellants and maintaining cleanliness all around are strongly recommended.
7. Health conscious people, who exercise in the morning and evening, should avoid doing the same during rain. Instead, indoor facilities like gym, own house are better options.