Every kid is born with certain talent and that talent need not be similar to the likes of its parents. If they are forced to do something against their will, it will be an imposition on them and they will never be able to excel in that field. If they pursue the things of their choice and inclination, their heart and soul will be in them and they can outperform others.

Take an example of a child of a doctor. General perception is that the child should also follow the footsteps of its parents and the only choice offered to it is Medicine. But if the child doesn’t have interest in human anatomy and the complications that can happen to human beings, the chance is very less that he or she will become a renowned doctor. Just to continue the family’s tradition, the child will strive to have a doctorate degree but not the real expertise. There are examples of people belonging to one trade shifting to their favourite job in a later part of the professional life.

Take the example of any great personality, one aspect is similar in them – they followed the voice of their heart and concentrated on their natural flair. That is the key to their success. Had they been forced to do something else, they would also have been mediocre performers like millions. This proves the point that mastery in any field can be had if the interest lies in it. We as parents should try to detect the natural inclination of the child and should encourage and help it to develop expertise in it. Perhaps, by doing so, we can do a great service to the child and its ambitions.