Certain behavioral or physical traits can be hereditary due to genetic transfer but not the personality. If this had been the case, then the sons or daughters of the Presidents or Prime ministers would always be the same. But we don’t find in today’s world. Every now and then new faces emerge by virtue of their relentless struggle.

Personality depends a lot on our line of thinking. So, whosoever develops the desired thought process and grooms one he or she can have the magnetic personality needed to become a leader. A leader should have the strong will power, which comes only with the practice and not by birth. A leader should have sensitivity that comes with the realization of the pain of others. A leader should be a good communicator which, again, requires training and hard work. We all are born with the basic communication skills but for a good personality, we have to sharpen these them. A leader needs to get along well with the people around him. For this, he must think that others are on par with him. Therefore, personality development is an individual’s efforts that develop with the persistent efforts over the period of time.

All the great person of this world have proved this fact that personality is the process of evolution rather than the sudden emergence. They all struggled hard to reach the great heights. In short, impressive personality doesn’t come on the platter of birth. It has to be developed with the constant efforts. We all are born with certain personality traits but further consolidation and up gradation are totally in our hands.