In 2004, when Facebook came into existence,hardly anyone imagined that it would become a billion dollars enterprise in both annual turnover and the number of users. In just eight years, it achieved the subscription of one billion users. And now it has achieved another milestone of one billion users logged in a single day across the world.In other words one out of every seventh individual of the earth was using Facebook on a particular day.

In terms of revenue also, Facebook is playing in billions. This is proved by the fact that some time ago, it bought WhatsApp for billion dollars. This is despite the fact that it is free for a user. Facebook earns money through the ads which are displayed on it. The phenomenal rise in the popularity is because of youths who want to be in touch with their near and dear one. Availability of internet on mobile provided further boost to Facebook. Consequently, it became a rage among the youth.
If we look at the usage of Facebook across geographic location, there are certain countries like India, European countries and North America which contribute the maximum. Still certain part of the world like some Asian countries and substantial part of Latin American countries are yet to get closer to Facebook. These are the priorities of Facebook in the time to come.