We know that the articles are placed before noun. But there are certain cases where articles are not used. Let’s see what those cases are
Abstract Nouns- We don’t use the articles before the abstract noun. For example
Gold is a precious metal. (Here gold is the abstract noun, so we avoid using article)
Honesty is the best policy. (Honesty is the abstract noun expressing emotions)
Plural Countable Nouns used in the general sense- Here also we avoid articles. Examples are
People like those who help others. (People is the plural countable nouns
Children need special care and attention. (Children is the plural countable nouns)
Before the names of people and places (Proper Nouns)- Whenever we use the proper nouns, there is no need of an article.
Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra (Here Mumbai and Maharashtra are the names of the places. So we don’t use an article)
India is one of the biggest economies of the world.
Before names of meals used in general sense.
What do you have normally in breakfast?
Why did you skip dinner yesterday?
Before the places which are visited for the main purposes like college, school, temple, park etc.
While studying in college, he started writing poetry.
Children learn many things at school.