We observe many special days during the year. Mother’s day is one such special day when we pay our respect to our mother and recognize her contribution to our life.

If we look back and try to find out the history of this day, we will find that it originated in America somewhere around 1908, when a lady named Anna Jarvis set up a Memorial in the honor of her mother. She was the one who campaigned for a holiday on this day. Her objective was to make this day a memorable day. Due to her efforts, many states of America decided to celebrate Mother’s day. As the time passed, the practice spread to other countries and now more than hundred countries celebrate this day in one form or the other. Different countries celebrate this day on different days. The second Sunday of May is the date when majority of the countries, including India, celebrate Mother’s day. Let’s make this day an unforgettable day by acknowledging the efforts and sacrifice made by our mothers to fill our life with love and affection.