As per the survey more than 95{4aae73461effa9263855888e11b82afb29be8624bd70156d49c18cab7ecb130d} of the new pass out engineers have been found deficient in English.No wonders many of them land up in a low paying jobs. English is a global language that links the whole world. With globalization picking up, the need for English has become more intense. But unfortunately the students being educated in the engineering college fail to keep pace with time. Even the students studying in the premier instutions are no exceptions to this rule. There also the students are technically sound but linguistically weak.
In the current global scenario, English is not only a language but a proof of employability.Someone who has English to his credit always stands a better chance of cracking the interview. It has become a medium of expression of skills. As the companies are going global,even technical staffs are expected to have English fluency.Any lack of skills in this regard can hurt the prospects of the Indian youth.

English is not at difficult. It is just like any other language. Only reqrequirementse the genuine interest, right guidance and sufficient practice. Even the colleges and other educational institutions can take it up on the priority basis. Simply preparing the students for the bookish knowledge won’t do. Anamika’s English academy is one such institute which imparts the training to the needy people.