As the name itself suggests, this form of verb doesn’t have any regularity. All three forms can be same or different. Sometimes two forms are the same and third form is different. So here guess work need not fetch correct results. Especially in Simple Past and Perfect tense where V2 and V3 respectively are used, one needs to be careful.
Example 1 the irregular verb see has three principal parts: see, saw, seen.
I see the stars= present tense
I saw the stars= past tense
I have seen the stars= present perfect tense
Example 2 -Another example is Go. Now the past form is Went (Not Goed) and the third form is Gone and not Goed.
I go to station on foot- Present Form
I went to station on foot- Past Form
He has gone from here a short while ago- Past Participle Form
Example 3 – Take the word Put. This word doesn’t change in any form. Therefore, the second and the third form is also Put.
They put things carelessly anywhere- Present Form
I put an umbrella in train and forgot there itself- Past Form
She has put lot of salt in vegetable- Past Participle Form

Example 4- Take the word Find. The second form is ‘Found’ and the third form is also ’Found’.
We find corruption everywhere in our society – Present Form
Mr. India found a gadget which could make him invisible- Past Form
He has found a job recently- Past Participle