There is hardly any newly opened school which doesn’t have this international tag. It appears that without this label the name of the school is incomplete. Of course, there are certain schools imparting the international curriculum like Cambridge syllabus. However, the majority of schools use it as a marketing tool to attract students and extract the maximum from unsuspecting parents.

Considering the misuse of international schools, there should be a regulation to define what constitutes an international school. What should be the criteria for calling a school an international school. Ideally, the school teaching the international curriculum and having foreign teachers on board should use this name. Besides this the facilities and infrastructure should also be of international level. Otherwise there will be complete mismatch in their intention and action. Ultimately, the parents will have to pay for the misleading information on schools part.

There are certain schools that teach the syllabus of Indian boards as well as international boards. But the name of school is still international for both the syllabi. Even this is also objectionable. Different sections of the school should be known as different names. International curriculum is still at the initial stage. It is restricted to the elite class which can afford it. A vast majority is enrolled in central or state boards.
It is essential for parents also be to be careful while enrolling their wards. International part of the school should be made clear. What is in the name if education is the same.