Four consecutive wins after four successive loss. Dropping to the bottom and then rising to the top. It clearly shows that the rise after a fall is more effective than the continuous ascent. After the fourth loss, Virat Kohli had made a very relevant statement that instead of getting demotivated by the four defeats, we should look at the opportunity of winning the rest four matches. His predictions have proved to be true. It is truly said that before winning on the ground, first the battle needs to be won in the mind. Though the runs are made by the hands of batsmen, but the instructions come from the minds. This Australian tour has proved to be the morale booster for the forthcoming twenty-twenty world cup. Even in world cups, we have seen that the team, which came from the bottom, eventually emerged victorious.

Beating Austria in Australia seems to an elusive dream for any team.It is similar to challenging a lion in its den,forcing it to come out before crushing it right there. The whole Indian team – youngsters and veterans-performed as a single unified front. The last interesting match has also proved that veterans at any point of time can’t be written off. The performance put up by Ashish Nehra has convinced that his shoulders still have potential left to serve the team. The same rule applies to Yuvraj Singh whose bat may have become old but still can produce the gold in the form of boundaries and sixes. His contribution at the crucial moment in today’s match has silenced his critiques.Well done Indian team for leaving an indelible footprint on the Australian soil