Every New Year brings a set of new possibilities and opportunities. Those who realise this make the most of these 365- 366 days that lays the foundation of the next forthcoming years. In fact, 2016 being the leap year, there is another extra day to work on for one’s betterment.

The planning for next year starts with the introspection and the analysis of the ending year. There must be several mistakes to learn from and many successes to draw inspiration from. Mistakes can be avoided and suçcesses can be replicated. Both are useful and beneficial to us. Besides these, the new year should be accompanied with a sound resolution. This resolution can be any new target, formation of a new habit or discontinuation of any unwanted behavior. Making resolution is very easy and implementing the same is equally difficult because many of the resolutions are merely desires. And we have plenty of desires rising in our mind with a dim possibility of their realization. So, the resolution should be firm and backed by the burning desire to translate it into a reality.

A resolution is similar to setting the target for the whole year. Since a year consists of twelve monts, 52 weeks, and more than 360 days, it makes sense to divede it into small achievable sections. If every section is taken care of , the end goal can be easily achieved. The moment a diviation is found, corrective measures should be taken so that the journey of goal realization remains on the desired track.

Let’s take an example of a person who wants to quit the habit of smoking. It is not easy as non- smoking, even for a day, can cause intense uneasiness. So, instead of giving it up completely, it makes sense to reduce the daily dose that can lead to the complete elimination of the habit. Further, it should be ensured that daily reduction takes place without any gap. If this plan is executed property, the day will come when the person will find himself freed from the clutches of smoking. The same methodology cane be extended for cultivating any new desirable habit.
2016 is a special because of being a leap year. Therefore, lets do something special to make it special and memorable for our life as well.