IELTS Training (English Speaking Test)

Find out which subject is for you to difficult to speak. Try to think and visualize on those topics and make some notes on it. When you speak, do not try to repeat a word more than three times. Check your pronunciation (if you find not easy to pronounce any specific word).

Family / Study / Major / Work
Hometown / Living place & Accommodation
Weather/ favorite Season / Punctuality/Time
TV Program / Museum / Gallery
Holiday / Public holiday
Leisure Time / Film / Sports
Hanging out with friends
Sky / Fruit / Clothes
Weekend / Reading
Sleep / Best memory
Memorizing / Tree
Traveling by Train/car/auto
Festivals / Friend
Photography/ Help
History / Public transportation
Music / Handwriting /Colour
Teachers / Team work
Being alone / Being in a hurry
Countryside / Swimming

Make questions with: do you / Are you…? Did you/ have you…? Will / would you…?
And… Who / What / Why / When / Where / which / How (many/much) / How long

Sample questions for topic: TV Programe

Do you think it’s important to watch TV program?
Which Program do you usually watch ?
When did you start watching it?
Which TV program did you use to watch in your childhood?
Do you think children should watch TV channels? Why/ Why not?
What are the positive and negative effects of watching TV program?
Do you see any changes in TV program, 20 years ago and now?