For the general public, Happy New Year is still two months away. But for the film-goers, the new year celebration has already happened on the day of Diwali itself. Guess! What is being talked about? Yes, it the newly released film of the King Khan. The film has expectedly created a flutter by mopping up more than 100 crores in the very first weekend after its release. Prior to this, Salman Khan Starrer ‘Kick’ crossed the 300 crore mark despite getting the mediocre review from the film critiques. In the last few years, three Khans-Salman, Shahrukh and Aamir- have become the guarantees of the film’s success.

Let’s see the magic formula of these three Khans. First thing that they do is to have a considerable gap between their consecutive films. Many a times they do just one or two films in a year. This gap creates the curiosity among their fans. When they appear on the celluloid screen after a significant waiting period, this curiosity translates into the craze. Later this craze drives them to the cinema theaters and we find the long queue of fans waiting to see their superstar in action. Another factor contributing to the success is the marketing and the buzz created by their publicity campaign. An atmosphere is built where everyone talks about the movie. The star cast also plays an important role by appearing on the reality shows and other TV programs to promote their films. Promotion is even done at the international level because there is a big market of Hindi movies abroad. Thirdly, the day of the movie’s release is also crucial. Mostly the time chosen for the release is any big festival. For example ‘Kick’ released on a festival. ‘Happy New Year’ has released on Diwali and Aamir Khan’s ‘Pk’ is going to release on Xmas. Timing helps the movie to get the bumper collection within two to three days of the release. Sometimes even controversy also helps them. For instance when Pk’s first poster was released, there was so much talk about the content of the poster. Now everyone knows that ‘Pk’ is going to hit theatres future. If the substance of the movie is strong, it is an added advantage.

So multiple factors lead to the movie being an instant hit. Going by the current trend when Aamir’s Pk will release at the end of the year, it is likely to challenge the box office collection of the previous hits of the year. Till then, Happy New Year will continue to be the money-spinner.