Birthday is always special in our life. What if it is a state called Maharashtra? Every 1st May brings the sweet memories of the past in Maharashtra. On this day, the glorious past is remembered and the dream for future is set. Being the birth day, 1st May is celebrated with traditional fervor in Maharashtra. Let’s explore the history of this day to understand it better.
When our country got the independence, there was only one state called Bombay in the western India. It consisted of the people speaking different languages that varied across the region. There were people speaking languages like Marathi, Konkani, Gujarati and Kutchi. Since language was the basis of differentiation, there was a demand of separate states based on the regional language. Eventually on 1st May in 1960, Bombay was bifurcated into two parts. One part became Gujarat consisting of the Gujrati and Kuchhi speaking people. Another part was called Maharashtra, where mainly Marathi and Konkani speaking people were found. Since Bombay stayed with Maharashtra, it became the capital of the state. Thus, on this auspicious day two major states in India were born.

If you look at the progress of Maharashtra, it has always been ahead in terms of industrial growth. Bombay, which is now called Mumbai, has always played the important role in the prosperity of this state. Owing to the business related activities, it is rightly called the commercial capital of India. In Maharashtra, 1st May is observed as a public holiday. On this day, several programme are organized to display the cultural heritage of the state. If we look at Gujarat, it has also made rapid progress in the recent past. It has emerged as the favourite destination of the investors. In short we can say that Maharashtra has always proved to be the gem of all the states.