Displaying the true spirit of a fighter, a lady called Ira Singhal has topped the list of civil services exam. If we look at the history of this gritty person , we will come to know the pain and difficulties she went through to emerge a
The story of struggle began when she wrote the civil services and qualified for the post of Indian revenue services. But to her shock, her appointment was canceled as her body was suffering from 67{4aae73461effa9263855888e11b82afb29be8624bd70156d49c18cab7ecb130d} disability. She was told that she would not be able to lift the heavy files which are recovered during the income tax raids. She had never succumbed to her physical disability in the past. This time too she decided to challenge the authorities who had challenged her spirit. She appealed to the central administration tribunal. After one and half years she got the favorable verdict paving the way for her induction in IRS.
After IRS the next destination was IAS. Even working as an IRS officer, she continued to prepare for IAS and the result announced recently proved to the whole world that disability exists in mind only. Those who overcome the mental disability become the inspiration for others.