Deccan Queen has celebrated its 85th birthday recently. Even at 85, it is as beautiful as she was at its inception in 1930. Originally it was meant for the British racing fans for ferrying them from Poona (now Pune) to Bombay (now Mumbai) on weekends. Soon the service became daily. It was considered the train for the elite class, so it had only first class compartments. In 1966, it was thrown open to common man when a third class compartment was attached to it. There are many interesting facts attached to this legendary train.
1. The only train which was never run on steam engine. Even in 1930, an electric locomotive hauled it on the maiden journey.
2. The first train to have a dining car as an integral part.
3. The first train to have a ladies compartment.
Deccan Queen is the most popular train on Mumbai-Pune route. On 1st June every year, the fans of the train celebrate its birthday by decorating the train like a queen.