Many a times people are judged by the reputation they enjoy in the society. The reputed people are honoured, revered and praised by many. But this happens only till the harsh reality is out. If the reputation happens to be the outcome of misdeeds then it doesn’t take time for that so-called reputation to become a disgrace. History is the witness to this fact that many stalwarts of high reputation finally became one of the worst villains of all time.  Reputation is the image of someone in the eyes of others. This image is built on the deeds visible to the people. So the reputation acts like a mask which hides the truth. As long as the mask stays on the face, the reality remains unknown. And the day the mask gets removed, image of the person shatters into pieces. In brief, the reputation is at the mercy of time and therefore not permanent.

Now let’s take character. Character is something which requires tremendous efforts and evolves over the period of time. It is totally internal and the person always remains conscious of protecting from any harmful impact. Moreover, it is a voluntary attempt at making one’s life free of impurity. Character once acquired stays with the person and becomes a part of his nature. It doesn’t require any recognition or certification from anyone. It is like a polished diamond which radiates shine forever. Man of character may face defeat but not disgrace. He may lose power but not the control over himself. It is the character that will set him apart from others.