As the season changes so should the eating hobbits. Due to unusual heat in summer, one tends to eat those things which can provide coolness to the body and the mind. Since people sweat a lot and the water content of the body declines, they should eat those things which can restore the water level. Certain food items are recommended during summer.
Curd- This is one of the best summer food ingredient. The best thing about the curd is that it can be consumed in many forms. It can be directly had with food; It can be drunk in the form of Lassi and Buttermilk; It can be used as Raitaas with Salad. In every form it is tasty and healthy.
Watermelon- As the name itself suggests that it is a treasure of Water. Plus it is sweet and tasty. Compared to other fruits it is much affordable. Constant consumption of it will definitely keep the body hydrated.
Sattu- This is a mix of barley, wheat or gram. It is a traditional food and mainly consumed in the North India. When mixed with salt and lemon juice, it becomes perfect cold drink which keeps the body cool and healthy.