The above statement seems like a distant dream in one’s life. But this can become a reality in the least possible time. The only ingredients required are strong desire, proper guidance and constant practice. Let’s see in details how these things combine to become a giant guiding force.

Strong Desire- This is a must to start this whole process. Many a times this desire suddenly takes birth due to certain situation like rejection in the interview or facing embarrassment in a group or meeting. Once the desire is born, it should be kept alive. This is a difficult task because our mind constantly receives many urges and there is a possibility of this desire getting overshadowed. So what should be done to let this desire survive? The answer lies in constantly reminding oneself that he has to become a fluent speaker in English. Once this idea is firmly established, next two steps become effortless.

Proper Guidance- There is a saying in English ‘No Knowledge without College’. Professional help makes the learning directional, easy and less time-consuming. Another advantage is that there is an atmosphere favourable for learning. This is due to the fact that there are many learners having the common goal. Take the case of Anamika’s Academy which has been in existence for more than a decade. The academy has the expertise in teaching spoken English. Students in large number have benefited from this expertise. So always look for such institutes dedicated to enhance English proficiency

Constant Practice- This is the step which necessitates lot of self-efforts. One can capitalize on the knowledge and guidance provided by the professional institutes. Practice includes reading, listening and speaking. While reading, pay attention to the vocabulary, sentence construction etc. Listen to the native speakers, news readers. This will boost the pronunciation part. The last but not the least, speak more and more in English. If you don’t find anyone, speak to yourself in front of the mirror. Very soon you will become a good English speaker.