I myself.. Teach, train, guide and educate.. Muslims students more than other communities’ students.. Some of them are taught @ free of cost at my institutions…
(anamika’s Academy 5 branches in Mumbai.. www.anamikaacademy.com)
Many of them are sponsored by different Trusts..

In Muslims there were many families.. Who didn’t value the education.. in India..

There are many Muslim universities.. Like Aligadh Muslim university, zamiya Miliya.. Usmania.. Zakir hussain.. university.. etc.. And many of them are existed before india’s independence…

There is still a very good education system In India for every communities..
But lack of awareness.. backward communities didn’t approach it…most of them are dalit or Muslim..
Actually.. Our political system is also responsible for it.. politicians don’t motivate the uneducated people.. To pursue high education.. Due to vote bank politics… We r the person.. Know the little fact..

one more thing.. for healthy discussion.. i m against the reservation… for sc/st/obc/muslim.. and all… i think… reservation unhe milni chahiye jo… pichde yani economical backward hai… aur ye saare Indians par lagu honi chahiye… chahe wo Brahman ho ya Dalit.. ya Muslim..

these people have not come through indian reservstion system… Dilip Kumar, Salmaan Khan, Amir Khan, Shahrukh Khan from Indian Film Industries, Zakir Hussain and Mr. Kalam>>president of India, Ghulam Ali (pakistan).. Md. Rafi, Gulzaar, naushad, Jawed Akhtar.. GReat Musicians… Nawab Pataudi, Md. Azahruddin.. Irfan Pathan>> from Indian Cricket.. a long list.. these are respected by every communities in India.. means.. Indian People loved talented person.. from any communities.. and.. according to my consideration.. if you are really trying… you will find the WAY.. and if you don’t want to try… you will find.. EXCUSES…

Armaan Verma, Email- armaan@anamikaacademy.com