In today’s world of increasing fraud, earning money alone is not sufficient. Protecting money is becoming increasingly difficult. ATM card is supposed to provide round the clock access to one’s money. In other words, it’s a convenience card. But there is a side-effect also in the form of safety. The card is like a fort, which if left unguarded, can be attacked and damaged by any outsider. There are instances of ATM card being used fraudulently by cyber criminals for unauthorized transfer of money. Many a times, a caller rings up the card holder claiming to be from the bank and takes the information about the card. After some time, the card holder finds his bank account empty.
Sometimes the card itself is cloned and later used for the online purchase. So one has to be vigilant about the ATM card. Following preventive measures can minimise the misuse of the ATM card.
a)Don’t reveal your card information to anyone, including the bank officials. Banks don’t authorize anyone to ask for this sensitive information.

b)While using ATM card for making purchase, make sure that the card is swiped in front of you. Cover the keyboard with your hand while punching the ATM card.

c)Don’t take help from a stranger inside the ATM kiosks. If you are not aware of the method of withdrawing, take help from your known people. Otherwise, go to the bank and follow the standard procedure.

d)While making online purchase with ATM card, make sure that the site is authentic. This can be checked by looking at the address. If it has https and there is a padlock, then it means the site is genuine.