The God gives the life to us and the doctor protects the same from the attack of diseases. So, what doctors do is not less than a godly act. Over the period of time, the medicine profession has become the fastest growing and the most lucrative industry. Now, the question arises whether the doctor’s primary goal is to serve the patients or to use patients as the ladder of reaching the financial goals. Unfortunately, the latter is being practised in the present circumstances. Doctors dream of owning big hospitals, luxury houses and the most modern amenities at the expense of patient’s helplessness. To what extent, is this justified?

Before giving the medical degree, the students are administered the oath that he or she will show the commitment towards saving the most precious thing on the planet- the human life. That is the reason, after completing their medical course, they are supposed to work in the government hospitals in service of the general public for certain minimum period. Only after their successful completion they are issued to the license to practice general medicine.

Looking at the current cost of treatment in the private hospitals, it is almost impossible for a common man to receive treatment in the big hospitals. There have been instances when the patient’s dead bodies were denied to their relatives due to the pending medical dues. This only indicates that the whole medical profession needs to be sensitized for the welfare of people. Only then the doctors will be called the angels of the god.