Name is Shubham Jaglan and age is between 9-10 years. At this age most of the children know don’t about their goals .But this extraordinary boy has achieved the feat of winning second consecutive Junior world champion. For any Indian to perform at the international platform is an honor. This honor reaches the maximum height when it is achieved by an young Indian.

Shubham journey with golf started at an early age when he was noticed by a golf Expert. At his advice, Shubham was introduced to the game. Very soon he developed flair for the game. It is Golf which took him from the village to a city where his professional grooming began. For few years, he underwent the training and then plunged in the competitive sports. For the second year in row, he has won the junior golf title defeating many strong contenders from countries like the US and Thailand.

In India, Golf is still considered as the sports of an elite class. The game requires access to the costly infrastructure that very few can afford. Facing all odds, if the teenager has emerged as a star, hats off to him, his family and everyone associated with him. Shubham is not only good in sports but does equally well in studies. This is what we call best of both the world.