As we know that adjectives are the words which describe the noun. There are many adjectives which can be made from the noun itself. Let’s take few examples.

1) Fluency (Noun)- Fluency in English is a great asset.
Fluent (Adjective)- Fluent speakers are in great demand.
2) Administration (Noun)- Good administration leads to better law and order situation.
Administrative (Adjective) – Administrative skills require quick-decision making ability.
3) Harm (Noun) – TV causes more harm than good.
Harmful (Adjective) – Tobacco has harmful effects on our health.
4) Support (Noun)- The government has been formed with the support of several parties.
Supportive (Adjective)- His parents are very supportive of his talent.
5) Information (Noun)- He doesn’t have any information about the incident.
Informative (Adjective)- He referred to many informative source to complete his project.
6) Technology (Noun)- Science and technology leads to a great progress.
Technological (Adjective)- Scientific spirit has caused so much technological advancement.
7) Advice (Noun)- He listens to many advices before arriving at the final decision.
Advisable (Adjective)- It is advisable to follow rules and regulations for safety.