Mohan and Nilesh are two friends but with different mindsets. Mohan is very concerned about nature and the earth, while Nilesh is only concerned about his life, his pleasure and enjoyment. Let’s hear their conversation on the Earth.

Mohan- Hi Nilesh, how are you?
Nilesh- Everything is fine except this scorching heat. Today is so hot. I am feeling thirsty every fifteen minutes. By the time the Sun sets, I am likely to get fried.
Mohan- And the worst part is that we have to face many summer of coming years. You know Nilesh, this Earth is getting hotter year by year .The temperature of the Earth is increasing gradually and, to a great extent, we are responsible for this .
Nilesh- How are we responsible? We are in fact the victim of this deadly summer.
Mohan – To understand this we have to first understand why the life exists on the Earth only and not on other planets. Life is possible if there are favourable conditions like air, water and right temperature. These conditions are there on the earth only. But due to our selfish attitude, we are upsetting the balance in temperature.
Nilesh- Yes, we are selfish but don’t you think we have the right to make our life comfortable using science.
Johan -Yes we are entitled to our comfort and convenience. But that doesn’t mean that they should come at the cost of imbalance in nature.
Nilesh – I am still confused. Please elaborate further.
Mohan- Our population is increasing rapidly, so is the population of vehicles on the road. Every time a new vehicle is added, it comes with the liability of emission of harmful gases like carbon dioxide. When this gas goes up, it forms a layer above the earth surface. This layer reflects the heat of the earth back. And finally the temperature of the earth rises. This process is called Global Warming. Do you know this can become disastrous?
Nilesh- Yes the temperature will become so high that we can’t survive.
Mohan- You are right. Besides this, there is another problem that can cause mayhem. As you know that the north and south pole of our planet is covered with snow. If the temperature of the earth increases, the snow will start melting, causing rise in the sea level. Consequently, all the coastal cities like Mumbai will get submerged under water.
Nilesh- Oh my God, I can’t see the city like Mumbai going under water. How can we prevent it?
Mohan- We can easily prevent it by changing our life-style. We should use less private vehicles and more public transport. Plus every opportunity of planting trees should be seized. Trees absorb carbon-dioxide gas that causes global warming.
Nilesh- I am fully with you. Going forward, every time I get the urge to use my own vehicle, I will think about the mother earth first.
Mohan- Fantastic, that is expected of a sensible person like you.

Like Mohan and Nilesh, we all have the responsibility to save our Earth because if we are breathing and enjoying our lives today, it is because of the Earth.